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Naked Soccer in Berlin

One day before the „sexy WM Start” the “VISIT-X Camgirls” visited Joko & Klaas in their popular TV show “MTV Home”. How the Girls made the hairstyling of the two hosts fizzy, you can see here.

Naked Soccer in Berlin

At the „Sexy Soccer 2010“ on the Traumstrand Berlin, one day before official Game, the Australian Team with the “Blue Movie Allstars” won barely 4:6 against Germany, represented through the “VISIT-X Camgirls”. The press is one opinion “The result was at minor matter”.

Only with a Body painting dressed the 12 young ladies tumbled onto the round leather with their luxury bodies. By doing so, they did not only prove a feeling for the Game but especially physical contact. At the end, there was a champagne shower for all and satisfied Visitors. With big guaranty this Match was of special kind that nobody will forget too soon.

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